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Fulfillment Services

Print Mascot is proud to be the only website dedicated exclusively to printing plastic cards, magnets, and decals for schools. For most of our customers, printing is just the beginning.


Distributing your alumni membership cards, sports passes, parking passes, school spirit magnets, and more can be a job in itself. Don’t worry. Print Mascot is here for you!

Let us create a custom fulfillment program to fit your needs - no matter how large or small. Here are some of the most popular services we provide to schools:

  • Print and store plastic card shells so they can be personalized on-demand

  • Personalize cards with student and faculty names, account numbers, etc. with standard printing or raised embossed printing

  • Affix and match personalized cards to personalized letters

  • Insert magnets, decals, plastic cards, postcards, brochures, or provided swag into envelopes or boxes using automated machinery or by hand

  • Seal, sort, and mail the complete package

  • Mail individual envelopes direct to students / faculty or in a single mailing direct to the school 

Enjoy peace of mind while saving on labor costs with our turnkey fulfillment services & pre-printed shell program! Click here to get started