4 Ways to Help Promote Social Distancing on Your School's Campus

Jul 31st 2020

As schools and campuses around the country prepare to begin a new school year during the coronavirus pandemic, new protocols are being put into effect to make the transition back to the classroom as safe as possible.

Here are four COVID-19 safety products that can help promote social distancing on your school’s campus.

1. Indoor Floor Decals

Indoor Floor Decals can be used throughout schools within hallways and common areas and serve as a helpful reminder for students, faculty, and staff to maintain proper social distancing. They can also be used with imagery of arrows to help control the flow of one-way traffic. In addition, they can be printed with safety messages such as reminders to wash their hands or placed 6 feet apart to properly space out crowds wherever lines typically form. 

2. Outdoor Floor Decals

Outdoor Floor Decals can be used outside school entrances, common areas, outdoor walkways, and throughout campus. Their sandpaper-like slip-resistant finish can withstand foot traffic, a wide variety of weather conditions, and naturally conforms to the texture of rough or smooth surfaces. Outdoor floor decals can be used to remind students & faculty to wear masks before entering, promote social distancing, designate one way traffic, and any other type of safety messaging needed on campus.

3. Table & Door Decals

Table & Door Decals are a great tool to assist schools and universities in promoting social distancing by clearly designating which areas can be sat in and which areas are closed. Select desks, tables, and chairs can be marked as open or closed. They are also useful for posting on doors and windows to promote safety messaging such as masks required or area closed. COVID-19 safety stickers work best on desks, tables, windows, and doors and can be safely removed when they are no longer needed. 

4. Plastic Safety Cards & Badges

COVID-19 Plastic Safety Cards are a valuable tool for schools and school boards to distribute to their schools, faculty, and / or students. If a slot punch is added, they can be worn as a badge to assist in keeping coronavirus safety protocol messaging and procedures top of mind.

Speaking of plastic cards, with students and faculty forced to cover their faces with masks for safety, many schools are purchasing Photo ID Cards. A slot punch can be added which would allow for a lanyard or clip so they can be worn on a lanyard or clipped to backpacks.


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