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Oval Car Magnets vs. Circle vs. Square - Which is the Best Choice?

Nov 2nd 2023

Custom printed car magnets have become a staple in the world of promotional products - especially for schools and sports teams. Oval, circle, and square car magnets are the most popular shapes in this competitive arena, but which one reigns supreme when it comes to promoting educational institutions and team sports?

Custom car magnets are most commonly used as a branding tool, to promote school spirit, or as a fundraiser item. They can add value to any educational institution from preschools through University and everything in between. Magnets are also extremely popular with school teams and sports leagues.

The top uses for custom car magnets include:

1. School Spirit: Car magnets are an amazing way to promote school spirit and a great tool that allows students and their parents to show support for their favorite school.

2. Alumni Associations: Alumni members are always proud to show support for their alma mater. Car magnets can help them promote your alumni association to the world. They can be used at special events, included in new member welcome kits, or used as a donation thank you gift.

3. Sports Leagues & Teams: Sports teams use car magnets to display their logos and mascots with a clear, focused design. They also make an easy and profitable fundraiser.

4. PTA / PTO School Fundraiser: Car magnets make a quick and easy school fundraiser for PTA and PTO groups. The nice thing is that they don’t take up a ton of space and don’t need to be ordered in a variety of sizes and colors.

5. Academic Achievements & Special Events: They can be used as giveaways to celebrate academic excellence including honor roll students, to celebrate recent graduates, or to commemorate a special event or anniversary.

But when it comes to Oval Car Magnets vs. Circle vs. Square - which one reigns supreme?

The Versatility of Oval Car Magnets

Oval car magnets are often favored by schools and sports teams for their versatility. The elongated oval shape allows for the inclusion of additional text and graphics, making it an excellent canvas shape.

Uncompromising Square Car Magnets

Square car magnets allow for a neat and balanced design. Perfect for when you need to keep things “inside the box”.The tried and true square magnet never disappoints.

The Simplicity of Circle Car Magnets

Circle car magnets are prized for their clean and simple design, making them an ideal choice for schools and sports teams looking to prominently feature logos and essential messages. Their shape naturally offers a spotlight for a mascot or logo which can be surrounded by supporting text.

The Final Verdict

The choice between oval, circle, and square car magnets for schools and team sports ultimately depends on the shape of the logo, mascot, and/or messaging.

One shape is not better than the other, however, depending on the layout of your logo, it may fit better in an oval, circle, or square shape.

Circle car magnets happen to be the most commonly purchased shape. This could be because the round design so nicely showcases a mascot while allowing space for supporting text to neatly wrap around.

Ultimately, the supreme choice among oval, circle, and square car magnets is the one that best serves your promotional goals and resonates with your school or team's brand. Whether you opt for a versatile oval, sturdy square, or a simple circle, custom printed promotional car magnets are a proven and budget-friendly way to effectively spread school spirit and sports team pride on the go.

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