Why Student ID Cards for Schools - Including Private and Religious Schools - Are More Popular than Ever

Aug 21st 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has fueled the demand for student id cards at schools.

Returning to school or continuing remotely has been the question everyone has been asking over the last couple months. The answer has been different depending on the type of school and the school’s location.

Many private schools and religious schools have decided to proceed with caution, while public school decisions tend to vary based on the COVID-19 levels in their county.

Student ID Cards for Schools

For school’s returning to in-person classes, students, teachers, and faculty are likely wearing masks which is a necessary tool for safety but makes student identification difficult. This has fueled the demand for plastic id cards that can be clipped to students’ shirts, attached to their bags, or even worn as a necklace.

Student ID cards can be used in different ways depending on the school. For example, an elementary school student ID card may simply be used for identifying students, which grade they are in, and who their teacher is.

College & university student ID cards can have multiple uses in addition to an identification card. Student ID cards can also be used as a library card, meal plan card, facility / door access card, student ticket to athletic events, copy / print card, discount card, and more.

Some of the more advanced student ID card uses can be accomplished by adding a scannable / swipeable bar code, QR code, magnetic stripe, or embedding the cards with an RFID chip.

Middle school and high school student ID cards are often somewhere in the middle regarding usage.

When it comes to student ID card printing, there are 2 popular methods. One is to have a company, such as  Print Mascot, print the completed cards for the school. The advantage here is that no additional equipment is needed for the school.

Another option is to have Print Mascot print card shells which would contain a background design with the school’s logo and leave room for the student information. The shells can then be sent to the school where they can use a photo card printer to personalize each id card as needed.

Not sure where to start? Print Mascot can help you every step of the way from providing free design services, printing your plastic cards in the USA, and even offers fulfillment services to assist with distribution. Contact Print Mascot to Get Started